Sub Standard History Standards

IN August of 2022, the Board of Education reviewed new History Standards for Virginia education.  Rather than vote to adopt the standards, Superintendent Balow, a Youngkin appointee, suggested postponing the vote until November so that some minor revisions could be made.  In November,  The Younngkin Administration rewrite was presented.  

Uncompromising Compromise

On November 18th, 2022, The Board of Education met to vote on the new standards.  They were confronted with a wide array of public speakers in opposition to the new Youngkin SubStandard Standards.  For Four hours, people from all over Virginia explained, emoted, and even pleaded with the board that these Standards could not be approved.  

In the end, the Board Rejected the Youngkin proposal and asked that it be combined with the August Proposal to form a new compromise.  

In January, the new "compromise" was released.   A review of this new standard shows that, while the Youngkin administration was more careful to include key history elements it had neglected previously, the curriculum continues to be full of omissions and bias.  

Now What?

The Board of Education had a perfectly good proposal in front of it in August that had been contributed to and approved by hundreds of historians, universities, and parents.   There is no good-faith reason that those standards could or should not be adopted as-is.  Contact the Board of Education, and your representatives and tell them to adopt the August standards. 

The public hearings will be held at the following locations: