Virginia Public Education Partners

Virginia Public Education Partners

 Virginia Public Education Partners (VPEP) is a coalition of; parents, grandparents, students, educators, business owners, and academics who have come together to promote and support Public education, for all Virginians.  We support local control of Public schools while acknowledging that on rare occasions, State and Federal intervention may be required to mitigate extraordinary circumstances or safeguard the Civil Liberties of a student. 

Divisive Concepts in the Draft SOL

Gov. Youngkin made a big deal about not teaching Divisive Concepts in the classroom last year.   This year, however, his appointee presented a Draft Social Studies standard that is filled with Right Wing talking points presented as if they were fact.  

Among these is the statement that Socialism is incompatible with democracy and individual freedom.  

Our allies in Europe would have a thing or two to say about that statement.  

Other Divisive statements are the implication of severe limits on Government economic power as well as the statement that government should only provide services not produced by the market.  

All of these are Right Wing opinions stated as though they are fact.